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Jim Locker


Jim Locker is a proven CEO, private equity operating partner, board member and consultant (large global, private and PE-owned companies) for consumer and industrial durable product and B2B/C service businesses. Jim has consistently improved the bottom line performance through new products, improved pricing and mix, speed of execution, factory floor optimization and balance sheet/cashflow management.

He applies experience as president and CEO, as well as across functions including sales and marketing, engineering, corporate development, strategic planning and offshore sourcing to help companies reach and sustain higher levels of performance. He also maintains extensive relationships with middle-market investment/commercial banking and private equity communities, as well as professional service accounting and legal firms.

Jim applies the best practices of large companies in business planning, pricing, product development, lean — voice-of-the-customer, factory floor, business process — and supply chain into closely-held and/or family-owned entrepreneurial cultures in the $25 million – $150 million revenue range. He has served on seven boards in the industrial and consumer sectors.

Jim has worked with mass market retail (such as Home Depot, Target and Walgreens), industrial distribution (such as Grainger and MSC) and OEM (such as GE and Caterpillar) by effectively translating customer expectations into actionable internal plans.

Jim holds a BE (ME) from City College of New York, MSME from Purdue University and MBA from Harvard University.

He currently resides in Stamford, CT with his wife.

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