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Creating Sustainable Performance Improvement


Centerpoint Partners brings to the disposal of its client partners a team of executives who share a commitment in mission and extensive track record of successful employing hands-on decisive decision making leadership in both public and private companies.

The CenterPoint team brings experience from diverse consumer and industrial product sectors. We have worked with mass-market retail, industrial, distribution and service businesses in the US and overseas.

Our familiarity with problem identification and resolution has been developed from vast experience in functional operating roles, acquisition integration, consulting (including non-profit), private equity ownership, and board or advisory roles.

The CenterPoint team has the in-depth background to win credibility within a client’s organization. Moreover, our network of associates can also provide expertise in highly specialized areas.

Working at all organization levels, CenterPoint identifies the issues impeding goal achievement as well as opportunities to accelerate progress. We do this one-on-one and in groups to gain both individual views and team thinking.

After gaps/opportunities are communally identified, developing strategic action plans is the natural next step. These plans relate to specific outcomes – for example, on revenue growth, specific new products, introduced during the three year period.

When mergers, acquisitions, sales or capital structure changes are being considered, we leverage our relationships with investment banks and business brokers, private equity firms, commercial banks, mezzanine lenders, valuation firms, accounting and law firms to identify and develop options.