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Creating Sustainable Performance Improvement


Centerpoint is an operating-centric team with an average of 25+ years of commercial experience marked by an outstanding history of principled leadership and growth. Centerpoint's functional experience is broad based spanning multiple domestic and international markets including consumer products, industrial (power generation, aerospace/defense, automation) and professional service markets.

CenterPoint focuses on smaller companies ($3 million to $15 million of operating profit) or similarly sized divisions within larger companies. We develop practical plans and work with management to implement our mutual findings.

For each project, we assemble a team of seasoned executives and specialists in strategic and operational planning, marketing, manufacturing improvement, supply chain, finance and other disciplines.

CenterPoint recognizes that knowledge resides at all levels of an organization and we work with the entire company, from senior management down to individual contributors, to identify approaches that leverage the competencies of the business and can be successfully implemented.

We examine “hard” areas including, identifying new products and markets, pricing improvement, production efficiencies and metrics, and supply chain and inventory/receivable management, and “soft” areas, such as organization structure, speed to market and management systems.