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Creating Sustainable Performance Improvement

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CenterPoint Partners, LLC is a private advisory firm that focuses on small and middle market companies headquartered in the United States. We provide services and options that were previously unavailable to small and middle market companies and their stakeholders.

CenterPoint is comprised of a seasoned and cohesive team of professionals with significant leadership experience in operations, mergers and acquisitions, capital investment and expansion, restructuring, capital raising and finance. Our partners have on average over 25 years of experience and partnered with leading professional organizations. We are committed to crafting customized solutions for our client partners.

Companies strive to continue their momentum and build on past successes. Sometimes as a business grows, management relies on business rules that can hold back sustaining or achieving new targets. In day-to-day terms:

  • “we need this level of inventory to service our customers”
  • “we’re out of space to make product”
  • “we price on cost-plus or price on a set mark-up”
  • “we need to speed up product development”
These issues surface because:
  • (1) the company is so focused on today’s demands that outdated “rules” are not apparent;
  • (2) best practices are not known or used to drive “continuous improvement;”
  • (3) personalities drive the business, which can slow decisions and implementation.

While large companies use “process” such as strategic planning, and lean tools to help achieve results, smaller companies or divisions (with operating profit in the range of $3 million to $15 million) don’t typically look to gain the improvements that come from routine processes.

Experienced in both large and small businesses, CenterPoint applies knowledge gained from many consumer and industrial industries to identify and craft practical and customized solutions that adapt large company processes to benefit smaller companies.

The CenterPoint team interacts within all levels of a company — from executing specific projects to company-wide improvement projects — focusing on short and long-term goals.